We Tried LELO HEX Condoms With My Partner & This Is What We Thought

LELO, that high-end
sextoy brand name
it is likely you understand as you lust after their super-sleek products,
not too long ago revealed they had been revolutionizing the condom
. Yeah, those ideas you are aware you will want to put on to
shield yourself against intimately transmitted diseases (STDs) and undesirable pregnancy
, but which are not, you understand, anything you’re always leaping for happiness to hold. They can be labeled as
HEX condoms
, in addition to their concept is being labeled as ”
The Entire World’s Very First Re-Engineered Condom
“. The
branded HEX design
(there are actually little hexagons on the condom) states deal with the 3 main issues that attend the majority of condoms: vexation, slippage, and breakage.

I happened to be suspicious — but excited because of the notion of a breakthrough. Condoms have been popular for a
long number of years
, with some people claiming they go back to 11,000 B.C., although we realize for sure that by 1400s A.D. everyone was using products including pet bowel, oiled silk paper, and pet horns or shells to pay for the end on the cock.
Condoms as we know them
came into existence in 1839, when some guy known as Charles Goodyear produced the very first rubberized any (aka not-out of part of an animal). For this reason the term “rubber”. But we digress.

While condoms aren’t just a good approach to birth control and therefore are the principal method individuals may freaky without transferring STDs, the stark reality is that
individuals aren’t with them
whenever community wellness folks want all of us to. As an instance, only 60 percent of sexually productive youngsters use condoms. In fact it is, truth be told, a grade D, if not a D-. Plus it gets worse — costs of condom usage go lower the tinder for older people get. A person do something!

In 2013, Bill and Melinda Gates, owners of a lot money,
launched a tournament to change the condom
, which hadn’t experienced much development recently. Their particular $100,000 award spurred some
fairly untamed a few ideas
, but none have actually yet to hit the business. Enter LELO’s brand-new HEX condom — could this end up being the breakthrough we are waiting for?

My spouse and I checked out
the HEX condom
, and some tips about what we found.

LELO HEX Condoms
, $20,

1. The Packing Is Easy To Open Up

HEX is manufactured by what feels as though strong paper, as opposed to the normal tin foil or plastic material. This will make it very easy to rip together with your fingers. My personal companion said the guy decided he could start it at nighttime, and that’s i suppose strongly related how people make love. We enjoyed it was very easy to start with fingers currently slippery from lube or genital drinks, that is the case by the point you are ready to seize a condom.

2. It’s Easy To Tell Up From Down

You know how with a lot of condoms you pull it in the package and after that you have to view it, change it down and up, to figure out which way is right side up?
comes just the tiniest bit more unrolled to easily tell which path is actually correct. And that is an excellent time-saver for as you prepare to have it on!

3. It Is Rather Stretchy

One of the most significant issues about condoms would be that they constrict your penis, deciding to make the person connected to that part of the body believe less delight. This has too much to do with individuals wearing condoms which are not a good fit on their behalf (and we also’ll point out that although this had been a good fit for my spouse, it will most likely not end up being for all because there’s a whole lot range around!), but we were both impressed by
how elastic the HEX condom is
. Yes, we blew one up showing you merely how stretchy we indicate.

4. The Base Is Not Constrictive

This will be type of a corollary toward
HEX’s stretchiness
, but it is so important for fit that we wanted to split up it out. Many condoms feel they depend generally in the base to stay on, that may supply most of the constrictive sensation men and women don’t like. HEX remained in without placing much pressure on this location — at least for him. In addition don’t roll-up during the motion, which happens with many condoms and that can end up being tense, if you have to constantly pay attention to it.

5. The Material Is Really Slim

The process of condom manufacturing is by using a material that generally feels as though it’s not indeed there, but that’s in addition durable adequate to easily protect you.
HEX thought super thin and powerful
— I felt the hexagonal pattern extremely slightly at the start, but then we, you realize, had gotten sidetracked. (In addition, the pattern had a fantastic feel while I was observing it.) My personal companion said it was the thinnest sensation condom he’d ever really tried, but that he wasn’t worried it absolutely was planning to break because of this.

6. We Appreciated The Aesthetic Whenever It Was On, Also

Even if you do not get a coloured condom, the majority of condoms obtainable continue to have some sort of color to them, helping to make your penis wearing them hunt slightly alien. HEX was much more transparent than many other “clear” condoms we’d readily available, therefore didn’t have that powdered appearance latex condoms frequently have. Since both of us like how penises seem, it had been fantastic to be able to get one all covered up and safe but in a method as possible see it!

The Last Verdict

The two of us completely liked our romp making use of the
. My personal spouse stated it absolutely was the best climax of his life which he’s had wearing a condom (with many that associated with their lover however!!) and that I had a similarly delightful time. Does HEX ”
change the world of condoms permanently
,” as LELO boasts on the site? I believe that totally is dependent upon an individual’s personal obstacles against condom utilize. If penis constriction is the primary one, HEX might solve that. It performed for all of us.

Of course, you’ve still got to place it in when you make love, an annoyance many cite as an excuse the reason why they don’t really use condoms. If in case why you never like condoms would be that absolutely an actual physical barrier between you and your partner, whilst the HEX barrier feels thinner than other condom choices at this time available, it definitely nonetheless prevails. Having said that, I think I am able to properly state these condoms are well worth
the price of entry

Pictures: Marley Russell; LELO; Giphy

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